Cat Wisdom

This article is dedicated to a true zen master, my late cat Romeo.

Romeo in one of his favorite spots

On November 7th, 2019, my cat Romeo closed his eyes forever. He was almost 19 years old and I couldn’t stop crying all afternoon. My boyfriend and I were heartbroken. He had been sick for a couple of years (weak kidneys) but we had a wonderful vet and so we managed to give him good care. He’s been gone now for almost a year but our pain remains and we still miss him dearly.

Romeo wasn’t just any cat. He was special. His colors, white and grey, and his green eyes gave him an unbelievably gracious aura. He moved with…

Follow Your Dreams

Becoming a singer was my dream job — I followed my dream and paid a very high price.

Courtesy of Pixabay

When I was 11 years old, I learned that I could sing. Nobody in my family could sing but I realized early on that I had a very good ear for music.
I remember watching Mariah Carey’s Without You on MTV and thinking that she must be the most beautiful and certainly the most talented woman in the world. Her music relaxed me and gave me such a feeling of freedom. I would sing to myself or in front of my mirror, sometimes even for hours — it still makes me smile. I started daydreaming about becoming a singer and going…

Happiness Reports

What my students have taught me about happiness

As a language trainer I teach beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. One goal for my students is to be able to talk about emotions by applying given grammatical rules. As a teacher I naturally enjoy engaging in conversations with my students but recently, I’ve had a favourite conversation topic — happiness.

Photo by Jhon David on Unsplash

Why happiness, you might ask? Well, as selfish as this might sound, I’m a very curious person and I’m always eager to learn new perspectives and approaches to life and happiness. My very own idea of happiness is living a life full of great experiences, pleasure, total freedom…

How to Freelance:

The secret to success is the right mindset!

Photo by Pixabay

Freelancing has been around for decades but only in recent years and through the vast possibilities of new technology has it become a synonym for people working all over the world by using only a computer and Wi-Fi.

Freelancers are often the link between customers and business owners. They provide services of all kinds and in exchange they get to live quite an autonomous life, including the freedom to work from wherever they want to, whenever they want — at least that’s the theory.

The presumption that you can be your own boss and work whenever and wherever you want…

Globetrotting Experiences:

Though maybe not in the way you might expect

Courtesy of Pixabay

When we were kids, we never travelled much. My parents worked hard to provide for us kids — and there were 5 of us! Money was tight, travelling as a family was an unknown concept for my parents. During our summer holidays, our parents would take us to stay at my grandparents’ farm. I hated it. There was always plenty of work, for both young and for old. The days were hot and every hand was needed on a big farm. …

Sam Jones

Travelling, teaching, freelancing, reading, creating. I do life with passion. Without passion we are nothing.

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